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Puppy Application and Deposit
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We are so glad that you have taken interest in our puppies!  They are certainly the best and the cutest, (and of course, we are not biased at all)! Please fill out the adoption application below, as it helps us fulfill YOUR hopes in a puppy, and select a puppy that compliments your family and lifestyle. Applications are registered on a first come first serve basis and are secured by a non-refundable $500 deposit. If your application is rejected for any reason, any deposit you have made will be refunded in full. Otherwise, your deposit will secure your position for the pup of your choosing in the order it is received, and is therefore non-refundable. (See Pricing Page for more info on Payments and Deposits). We will contact you after we have received your application but if you have not heard from us within 5 days, please email or call us at one of our listed contacts.

Your deposit can be paid either via PayPal with a credit card/debit, you can call me (916)580-8040, and I can accept CC/debit over the phone as well and a formal receipt will immediately be generated with my Logo and sent to your email or text, or by mailing a check, or Money Order to our address, which we will provide to you upon request. Once we have received your application and deposit you will be placed on your desired litters reserve list. You can keep appraised of the litters status by checking our site, and especiall our Business FB page and IG page. In addition, we will tell you when the puppies aredue to be born and announce it on those pages!! We will be available for ongoing support and information through the puppy adoption process and for the lifetime of your Puppy/Dog! Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about acquiring one of our puppies or dogs!

We accept Paypal ..............

You can also Click here to open Application in Word and submit via Email. Put an "X" next to your choices, and answer w/in boxes for short answers.

The app is attached above in WORD so just complete, save file, and return attached. It is also pasted below in case you by some chance do not have WORD. Look forward to playing w you!!

Application Form (All Fields Required)
Copy App below and paste into your email and complete all fields. Place an “X” next to your choices if applicable.

Name *


Address (Street)




State/Province *     


Zip/Postal Code *


Cell Phone *              


Evening Phone *


Email Address *




Does anyone in your family suffer from related asthma or allergies? (Place an X by your choices)
     Yes             No

What gender do you prefer?                            What Breed do you prefer?
     Male            Female         Flexible                      Labradoodle            Goldendoodle          Cockapoo            Flexible

*What size do you prefer? (*Keep in mind that all sizes/weights will eventually appear larger for their weight)
     Mini/Small(15-25 lbs, 13-17" shoulder)          Medium (25-45 lbs 17-21")          Standard (45-60 lbs, 21" +)          Flexible

List color in order of PREFERENCE (1-8)
__Parti (two colors, one being white, often spotting)
__Phantom (lighter face, chest, legs)
Other (name):

What coat type do you prefer?
     Fleece/Curly           Fleece/Wavy       Wool/Fleece            Flexible

Does your family have:
     Children         Elderly        Disabled?        If yes on children, ages

Does your family have other pets?
     Dogs         Cats        How many?        Male or Female?

Is your yard fenced?
     Yes             No

If not, how do you plan to confine/protect your dog?  


Where will your dog mainly live at your home?
      Inside              Outside

How do you plan to care for your puppy during the day if you are gone?


Why would you like this Breed?


When would you like to take possession of your pup/dog?


Additional Comments or Information you'd like to share:


Name of nearest major airport if puppy would require shipping:
First choice:                                                          Second choice: 

How did you find out about Us? *



Click for: Supply List and Info - Congrats on your Upcoming ASD FurBaby! You cannot possibly wait until I send this to you at 5 or so weeks. So here is all the info you will need to start shopping!!

Click for: Things to Consider when Choosing/Meeting Your FurBaby - It's time to Choose a new FurBaby??!! What??!! Some things you may not have thought about - How to assist you in making this fabulous decision (I am here to help you)!

PayPal deposit to secure your choice of pup


We accept Paypal............

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